Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy Love Our Lurkers Day

Hi Everybody,

I feel a bit weird posting on Love Our Lurkers Day, but here I am because I always like meeting new people.

I was a lurker for a long time and I so get not wanting to post, but I have found a lovely group of people who take the time to comment and help me along...because you know...I am not in a relationship at the moment...but that seems to be okay with all and sundry, so if you are looking or just want a friend to converse with...come on in, the water's fine. 

I have found a group of caring people on-line who want to help along with path of life.  There is a sense of relief when you post and realize that you aren't alone in your desires and needs and that all are really welcome.

So, if you have a mind send a hardy howdy, if not today, then some day, because you are always welcome here.

Thanks to everyone who has made me welcome too.  I am truly grateful.