Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Latest from the Dating Wars

Hi Everybody,

In case anybody is still interested in my non-existent love life...here is the latest.

The guy from eHarmony who didn't understand why people just fade away...has faded away.  Go figure!  I hadn't heard from him in six days, so I texted him and he texted back saying he was super busy (he had just moved and gotten a new job) and then he texted a couple of times and said he needed to go out for a run.  That was 7 days ago and I haven't heard from him.  I think I can tell him why women lose interest if that is his usual pattern...a girl likes to be pursued dude!

The Florida guy just doesn't seem to be a good match for me.  He runs hot and cold and I barely know anything about him, but he gives me a hard time for not revealing all to him...I think I am moving on.

The guy who had cheated on his wife...apparently he did that three times.  I am starting to have doubts about his ability to move on from his ex.  I told him I don't want to be blamed for things that his wife did.  He has said he isn't sure he can move past her. 

Okay, so now the good news.  I had my first date with a guy who is about 10 years older than me.  He asked me how adventurous I was and if I would consider dinner and a movie.  We went to see Trainwreck, which was kind of funny, but kind of not a first date movie.  It is R, there is a lot of sex and nudity and language.  He apologized mid movie about the language...apparently the naked men and woman having sex was okay.  lololol  He texted me (yes, I know...ugh...texting) saying what a good time he had and saying I was awesome.  So, we texted back and forth the last couple of days and he said he wanted to see me again on Monday (he mentioned that in the morning and when I texted back a yes, I didn't hear from him...he said he fell asleep, was embarrassed, could he have a rain check...etc.  I said yes).  He then called me and we spoke for about 20 minutes and we will have our second date on Wednesday. 

I like him.  He seems like a gentleman.  He even asked me if he could call me after we had texted that first time.  He is a hand on the back kind of guy.  He paid for dinner and the movie and he seems to be respectful of the fact that I have a life and a job and he is more flexible with his time than I am with mine, so we are working things around my schedule.  He likes to travel and is very intellectually curious,which is important to me.  And he is local....which makes dating much, much easier!

Wish me luck!  :0)