Saturday, March 29, 2014


Feeling lonely over kind of comes and goes, but mostly just lonely. 

There are times when it is about stupid things like having to clean the gutter by myself or deal with workmen.  I complained to one about something another one did and he said if it were him he would have handled it differently and told the guy to "get his butt over there and do it".  Yeah, I live alone and the "guy" knows where I live.  I don't know that I want to tangle with that, especially after he got angry at me on the phone and hung up. I find I wish I had someone who could say tell the guy to honor his commitments and "get his butt over there and do it", but I don't.

Having to deal with the death of my cat by myself, less stupid, but still, times like those I wish I had someone to lean on.

The yard needs to be weeded and my bathroom is in mid-remodel and I am home alone on Spring Break and times like this I just weep and wish I had someone.

All I can do is wipe the tears away and keep going...what else is there to do?  Hopefully this too will pass when I am back at work and not so alone...and lonely.