Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Well, summer has almost come and gone and I realized I haven't posted on here in a really long time.  I find I go through fits and starts with getting on-line.  So, here are some random thoughts from my summer.

First, in the romance department.  I have a Tracfone...yep...straight out of Walmart.  I leave it mostly off and I only turn in on when I am supposed to meet someone somewhere or I am expecting a call.  Mostly, this is because I work outdoors in the wilds and I don't always have a signal, so what's the point of having it on and draining the battery in case I have an emergency and need to use it.  However, most men want to text.  I am not a huge fan of texting mostly because it usually deteriorates into a series of inane little comments that don't let me get to know someone very well.  It has been my experience that once we stop e-mailing and start texting, the budding relationship is doomed! But I will text, slowly and laboriously.

So, as always, I am sort of in the getting to know you period with a couple of men...don't think bad about me, if they are promising, then I usually back out of the others so I am only in a serious conversation with one man.  So, the architect, who was the most promising a while back dumped me for an old girlfriend. He then sends me a note saying he was sorry for the abrupt goodby (She e-mailed him on a Tuesday he dumped me on Thursday), but he had cancer and she stood by his side through the treatment, but they don't have what he had...not sure what that means...but I wished him well and a speedy recovery...I was a little shell shocked.

Now, I have a guy who on the first IM date told me all about his affair that he had and how his wife was so cold and distant, she pushed him into it, but he is ashamed of it and would understand if I wanted to walk away.  Not sure what to do about that one...once a cheater, always a cheater?  He is really worried about being respected and I think that is the dd draw for him.

Next guy, is in Florida, has a tandem bike, is pretty active.  Has never had a dd relationship, but has some experience in spanking.  We are slowly getting to know each other....

Guy three is from eHarmony and seems like the best of the lot.  He actually writes long messages to me, telling me what he wants in a partner and asking what I am looking for in a partner.  He and I seem to have a lot in common and he says he is frustrated with people not really wanting a relationship...I feel his pain.

We shall see if anybody rises to the top. Wish me luck.

In other news, I have been traveling a lot...six weeks actually...in the U.S. and abroad.  I loved it...especially the trains to get around in Europe.  I think we need some of those near where I live...where do I sign up?

I have been reading a lot too.  I finished The City by Dean Koontz (okay, but I think his star is fading).  I am currently reading "The Goldfinch".  It is a pretty intriguing story, so far so good.  Next up is "Secrets of a  Charmed Life".  Anybody have any suggestions for something fab to read?  I am totally up for anything.

So, that is the news from the Ugly Duckling world...not too exciting...but I do have Belgian chocolate to gnosh on!