Thursday, July 12, 2012

Masculine Energy

So, I am currently taking a short course that is seriously making me anxious, spun up and STRESSED!  It is supposed to be an introductory class to a new way of teaching.  The problem is that most of the people in that class have already taught in this new way, many have taught the lessons we are learning and do not need to learn how to do the work.  I, on the other hand, don't know the material or the teaching methods.  So, I am ANXIOUS, SPUN UP, and STRESSED!  There is a very nice man in my class (the only one I knew prior to this class) who is doing homework with me, checking in to see how I am each morning and sharing his masculine energy with me.   I am not sure why it is working so well, but after we get done with the homework each night I am calm and de-stressed.  It is an interesting phenomena!  He has been able to talk me down off the ledge a couple of times...

Today we started in on the stuff I do know, so I will probably be more able to self-sooth, but it sure was nice to lean on that masculine energy when I needed it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So, driving into town tonight, I heard an atheist named Kenneth Lonergan talking about marriage.  He is the writer of Analyze This and You Can Count on Me.  I find listening to atheists really interesting if they are not too militant and more open to everybody having their own belief systems and doing what works for you. I find they are often very insightful about Christianity and they give a perspective that is very refreshing. I have a friend who is an atheist and she doesn't ever give me a hard time about my Christianity, even when I talk about it.  She says that she knows it is important to me and that I never try to ram it down her throat.  I am glad that she is comfortable that way.  I don't ever want her to be uncomfortable around me because of that.  St. Francis said, "Preach the gospel at all times, when necessary, use words."

So, anyway, the atheist on the radio made a comment about marriage that went something like this:  "I went to a Catholic wedding, my first one, and I realized that God, the Creator of the Universe was in the room with us.  He cared about these two people marrying each other."  WOW!  Now that is some statement.  The statement, from an atheist, speaks to the lie about marriage just being about piece of paper and easily discarded.  The Creator of the Universe cares about these two people being together!

He went on to say that he wished he had belief because it seemed to make the world easier to navigate. He also said that belief in God seemed to make people's lives better.  He finds that when bad things happen to people he finds himself talking to God and saying, "I don't believe in you, but please don't let this bad thing happen."

When I hear comments like that, I wonder, "how long can they hold out against the Creator of the Universe?"