Saturday, February 7, 2015


I heard a psychologist on the radio the other day talking about Fifty Shades of Gray and why it was so popular.  I found I agreed with much of what he said...for me at least...

Here is a quote

"Fantasies about being sexually dominated are quite common among women. But there is a major theme that I have observed that contributes to the tendency for many–even, apparently, a majority–of women to desire and/or submit themselves to this kind of treatment.  Namely,  our prevailing culture’s secular-feminist ethic makes it taboo for women to want to be vulnerable in any healthy ways.  Women are told they must expect to take care of themselves. They must be strong, self-sufficient and powerful. Of course there is nothing wrong–and everything right–with being a capable, competent woman. But many women are taught that they must take this a step further.  They can never allow themselves to be vulnerable. They must be competent at all things, and at all costs.  They don’t let themselves need anyone, least of all a man.  Even in a healthy relationship, there are many women will will not allow themselves to let their guard down, give up control, or open their heart.

An inherent character of femininity is receptivity.  That is, the ability to be open, generous, receptive to others. Not dependent, or needy, or a victim, but intimately relational  in character.  The secular feminist culture pressures women to deny their basic receptivity, but nature will not be denied.  The receptive, feminine impulse continues to assert itself, and if it cannot find legitimate expression in healthy relationships, it will assert itself in more insidious ways."

I other news, the leader in the student group I wrote about in my last post is acting as if nothing happened, she is approaching me to confide in me and apparently she is spending a lot of time crying about her life and challenges in one of my colleagues offices. I asked him what the tears are about...he didn't know. 

The burdens people!