Monday, April 18, 2016

Badly done, Emma

So, do you have to have our slant on life to see this as rather sexy.?


Thanks to a post on a Uniquely Different Life, I thought of it. Her post was about sexy men putting you in your place.  You can see it if you follow the link below!

A Uniquely Different Life

Saturday, April 16, 2016

That's Life

A lot has been happening in life lately.  I am feeling pretty good emotionally despite the general downs of things lately.  For starters, they have cancelled my program (although they claim the program will continue without me), so in June I will be out of a job.  It is really okay, I think.  I am thinking, along with another person who got her pink slip, that this was just a nudge that we needed to go and see what is out there. 

The place is falling down around their ears anyway.  They are 2 million in debt (hence my cut); they walk away regularly from money that might be theirs if they would just apply for it (expect that they just cut the person who normally sits in on those meetings...see above).  There was a vote of no confidence in our leader and we are expecting she will get another one from another quarter soon. People are protecting their territories as best they can and waiting for it all to blow over or blow up.  I feel mostly for the guy I work with.  We head up the department together and with me gone, apparently management expects him to take it all over BY HIMSELF.  Needless to say, he is not thrilled with what that will mean.  He has two young children and doesn't want to do his job and mine too.  He doesn't want to have to work more than he already does.

So, supposedly, the program will continue without me.  I'm not sure how that is going to happen and when asked, management basically tells our direct boss to figure it out.  What they apparently haven't realized yet is that there aren't many people who are knowledgeable and willing to do what I do.  As I have begun job searching, I have found out that I can almost double my salary, so why anybody would leave and job to take a pay cut and do what I do?  I like all the time off, so the lower salary is worth it for me, but for most people...not so much.

I continue looking for someone to share my life.  There are a few possibilities, but I haven't found THE ONE yet.  Perhaps I will find a new job and it will move me to the place where my future someone live.  One can at least hope!