Friday, August 15, 2014


While I am not totally over the top in making it known that I am looking for a man in my life, I do periodically mention it to people who might have friends and who might be willing to be a matchmaker for me. Sometimes the matchmakers come in very unusual wrappings.

I have a handy man who comes and does the sorts of things I either can't or don't want to handle around my house and we have struck up a friendship.  He is funny and a good conversationalist and I find that when he is working around the house, I keep him company and we laugh a lot.  I consider him a friend and he has invited me on hikes with his church group and even to Sunday services in the park on Sunday when he was preaching. So far I haven't been able to attend, but he might have had ulterior motives that I didn't know about until recently.

Last time he was over, we were chatting and I had made some banana bread to get rid of the overripe bananas I had on my counter and told him when it had cooled, I would give him a slice.  He asked if I baked a lot and I told him it came in waves.  He then asked if I cooked a lot and I told him pretty much every night...innocent enough questions, right?

Well, perhaps not so innocent, because as we were standing in the kitchen eating banana bread, he said he had been considering something that he wanted to ask me and had been considering it for a while...before you go there (probably too late, lol), I should mention he is married and has two children...he said he had a friend from his church who he thought I might like...that came out of the blue! 

So, maybe the questions about cooking were not so innocent.  He was worried it would be awkward and be like Junior High and asked what I thought I might like to do to meet this guy.  I told him I would think about it, but that it wouldn't be like junior high school because we were adults and could meet and decide if we liked each other... no harm no foul.  The next time the handy man came over to finish a job for me, he asked if I had thought about it and I told him to just give my number to his friend.

So, we shall see.  We have similar careers and we live in the same city...both pluses.  The handy man said he was funny and his favorite person (which I consider and honor that he would try to matchmake us since he wouldn't want his friend to be matched up with just anybody...right?)

So, can a handy man be a matchmaker? Inquiring minds want to know!