Sunday, February 21, 2016

Keeping my chin up!

So, here's the latest. ..

I have been on about nine dates with a man.  He is very nice, but rather "boring".  I know he is trying and I keep hoping I will start to have feelings for him...but I'm just not there.

He is very busy and I only hear from him once a week and then just to ask me out.  We go out and have fun, but he is not much of a conversationalist and if I'm not talking he doesn't pick up the conversation thread...ugh!

I don't want to lead him on and have anybody get hurt.  Sometimes dating really is hard!

I have heard from a couple of other men who I might have more of a connection with. I am trying to keep my chin up.  Here's the run is a naval commander of a air craft carrier, one is a real estate agent and one is an executive.  The commander and the executive are fairly close, but one of us would have to move and the real estate agent is a bit farther away.  He is thinking about moving.

So, here I sit thinking and thinking and thinking...did I mentioned dating is really hard?

Oh and then there is the one dd guy who can't seem to leave me alone, even though he spends a lot of time criticizing me.  Apparently to want to have my needs met is selfish.  Oh, and I'm Catholic, but he thinks he can talk me out of that, and I won't tell him which town I live in, so he wants my area code because that would be respectful.  I told him trust and respect are different things and I'm not going to do something that makes me feel unsafe.  Guess what?  He didn't like that.

I have told him when I talk to him he doesn't make me feel good and when he said he feels the same way, that was my cue to tell him that clearly we were not a good match and God must have other plans for us.  He deleted me from the chat feature...and then amazingly he was back the next day...go figure.  At some level, I am laughing at that guy...we are SO incredibly not meant for each other.

Anyway, I keep trying.