Sunday, February 10, 2013

Knights and Dragons

Things have been tough at work.  There is a lot of infighting, but I am mostly staying out of the fray at least visibly.  What I find very interesting and heartening is that my male colleagues are more upset about the way that I am being treated than the things they are having to endure.  Pretty sweet really. They pop by my office to tell me that they are behind me and to ask me what I think we all should do.  They also seize opportunities to explain to the dragons why they are wrong in their opinions of me, without me asking or even mentioning it.  As a department we are rallying to fight the dragons and I guess I am the fair maiden (who rides a horse and wears armor) around whom they are rallying.  The dragons are trying to pretend they aren't dragons and are trying to shift the blame away from their actions.  I keep reminding the knights that there are lots of problems, but the dragons need to be taken care of before we can deal with the other problems.  So far the knights agree.  The dragons are getting nervous and trying to play nice with us, but we are of the mind "Too little, too late!" 

In other news, I have gone out on a 4th date with a very nice man.  He is courting me!  At one event he saw they had my favorite candy and bought me some.  Another time, he brought a book that we had discussed.  I have read that the standard now is to ask a woman to come "hang out" instead of actually date.  I like that I am dating a man who actually makes plans that he thinks I will like, who asks me far enough in advance that if I can't make the night he suggests we can make alternate plans.  I'm not sure where this is heading.  I usually only hear from him once a week or week and a half.  Maybe it is just a friendship in the making but it is nice and I'm just going to enjoy it.