Saturday, April 29, 2017

In the midst of sexist pigs, men kneeling?

So, I have a new job.  I guess you all mostly know that.  As I have spoken to the women who work here a lot of them speak of the sexist atmosphere in which they work.  The men that they say are sexist, I really haven't had a problem with, mostly probably because I don't interact with them too much. 

So, here's the curious part.  There is one man I work with quite a bit.  He is the go to guy for a lot of people.  Yesterday at a meeting, I looked over to see him kneeling next to a woman and discussing something with her...yes kneeling on both knees,  Then I looked over at the man who was facilitating the group and again when he was talking to a women, he went down on one knee so he was talking to her face to face. 

Just an observation that I'm not sure what to make of...hmmmmm.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

And so it continues

So, I haven't been around for a while.  I guess I have been sort of feeling sorry for myself and trying to get out of the funk I have been in about dating in general.  So, here's the latest and greatest.  I have an overuse injury of my shoulder.  I have been going to the physical therapist and I leave each time with some major bruises.  Ever heard of cupping?  Yeowch and it leaves bruises, not to mention the therapist's finger prints all over my arm.  I have also been going to a massage therapist...yeowch!  I guess I never really realized how connect all the muscles are, so the short story is that your biceps are attached to your traps and if your lats are too tight, your traps tend to compensate which affects your biceps...or something.  Suffice it to say that I never realized how painful having your arm pits and sides massaged can be.  On the up side, it seems to be working.  So I'll keep going.

The new job is going well, but I am hating the hour commute.  I am learning lots, so I think that I might be able to find something closer to my home at some point in the future.  The guy responsible for getting me the job, a really sweet man, was asking me the other day if I was looking.  I told him I was, but what I was doing was fine, although I was not fond of the commute.  So, I can walk away from that job if I need to without guilt.  Which is grand.

So, updates on my dating life....

Remember the guy that bought me chocolate?  Well, he texted me the next weekend about talking and promised to call.  Guess what!  He didn't! I haven't heard from him since.  Ditto the guy I met the next weekend who has major issued with his ex-wife.

I met a few more guys and one was even a veterinarian which would have melded very well with my love of all animals.  But he had been divorced 16 years ago and had gotten prostate cancer and was dumped by his girl friend of 4 years and then took up with a new girl friend who saw him through the cancer and they split up after 11 years.  We met at a Mexican restaurant where at the end of the meal we split the bill and then I got a long song and dance e-mail about how he didn't think we fit because of the prostate cancer.  I wrote him back a long e-mail about how if he thinks he isn't man enough because he has to use chemicals (his word) to have sex he needs to stop it!  I said a few more things which then he became interested, with all kinds of comments about how he needed to wait to get married and he wasn't sure he would ever want to again.  I am not rushing to the altar, but clearly he wants to have all the benefits of being married with out the commitment.  I told him he seemed to be pushing me away with both hands and moved on.  Oh, oh and when he is in town, he stays at his ex-girlfriend's house...yeah...definitely moving on!

I met a man who is an RN and works with children with Type I diabetes.  We seemed to hit it off and we even went hiking together.  We texted all this week, and he even invited me to go to a jazz festival last Thursday.  I already had plans, so then things went to radio silence.  He's been married twice so that concerns me a bit.  But he seemed nice.    So since he didn't seem to want to do anything this weekend, I went out with a nice man who is about 7 years younger than me, has two kids and has a fulltime job (believe me, this is a valuable thing, it is amazing the number of men who don't work- the vet I mentioned above doesn't and is trying to minimize his income so he qualifies for government assistance).  I never realized how important finding a man who has a job is to me, until recently.  We had a great time!

We talked for about two hours and he asked as we were leaving it I wanted to do it again.  The doubts kicked in a bit on the drive home because we met on a website, but after we met, he didn't ask for my phone number or e-mail address.  So, I tried to self talk myself into the "Que sera, sera" mindset.  Well, I just checked the website and he sent me a note thanking me and asking if we can do it again.  Things may, I repeat, may be looking up!  Please God, I hope so!