Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Ups and Downs

So, when last we left our intrepid heroine....yeah, not so intrepid, matter of fact there have been some times of anti-intrepid.  Yesterday was really one of those anti-intrepid days...sigh.

So, I signed up for unemployment and apparently I have to wait a week, which I won't get unemployment payment for and then wait another three weeks before I see a check.  They are supposed to send me the paperwork in ten working days, but I need to log on the the website and enter in all the info about how I am out beating the bushes for jobs.  I am supposed to do five things a week and two of those must be applying for or contacting someone for a job..  I guess that is good incentive, but in my line of work, I have NO CLUE where I am going to find two jobs a week to apply for around here.  So, I guess I get to apply for jobs I have no chance of getting so I don't end up with a job I either don't want or can't do.  People who have been on unemployment have told that is what they have done.

Oh, and I got a letter telling me my health care was cancelled the end of July even though I was told I had until the end of August.  I e-mailed and they said the would fix it, but they responded to me on my work account which has now been cut off.  So, I have no way to know whether or not I even have insurance.  Not to mention, what do I do now?  Cobra?  Obamacare?  Is there some other option?  Ugh!  Ugh!  Ugh!

And in dating news, did you all know that there are a lot of guys out there that want to be spanked?  Yes, and even when I tell them I will not be doing that, they keep coming at me asking it in different ways as if if they only proposed it to me properly, I would be all in.  Are you kidding? 

So, that's the downs of things....

The ups of things? 

I did meet a nice guy on a regular on-line dating site.  He wants to move to where I am, and has history in the area of the country I live in.  The thing is, I may move if I get a job somewhere else.  He might be open to that, though or he seems to be. I guess we'll see.  He does seem like he might have a few dominant bones in his body too.

I started a wheat belly diet 10 day detox.  Basically, you don't eat grains for ten days.  OH MY GOSH!!!  The recipes are yummy: things like cream of broccoli soup and eggplant lasagna. I have lost two inches from around my waist.  I can hardly wait to see where I am in 10 days.  I am currently on day two. I don't know if I buy the guys premise that carbohydrates are bad for you and you should never eat them again, but I can't argue with the results so far.

I went to the drugstore to check my blood pressure too.  While I was working, it was way high and my heart rate hovered around 80.  Even unemployed, my blood pressure has dropped and my resting heart rate is around 62.  My friends told me that the job was killing me and I didn't even know it.  It seems as if they were right. Now I am within 6 points of what my blood pressure was when I was in college and that's become my goal.

Finally, after trying to log on to my work e-mail and not being able to, I started e-mailing people to let them know my private e-mail.  This morning I woke up to find an e-mail in my box, saying there was a contract with the Feds until the end of the year, which will give me the time I need to really find the job I want and who knows, maybe it will be around here and I won't have to move.

So, it has been ups and downs and maybe things will all work out...maybe....