Sunday, August 6, 2017

Update on dating has been a long time since I have been here.  My life got really busy when I started working.   I am struggling a bit with whether or not to stay at the job.  The man who orchestrated me being hired is strongly encouraging me to apply for a fulltime job that has opened. I think I can do the job and I think I would like it.  The problem is that there is a woman here who has been working here for 14 years and is heir apparent to the position that has opened. 

The man who got me here and I had a long talk about all of this on Friday.  He is of the opinion that the current woman is not as capable as I am and that being in a job a long time does not make you heir apparent.  I told him that I am hesitant because I don't want to be in a hostile work environment and I am sure if I were to get the job, the woman who didn't would be angry.  He said he understood and proceeded to tell me the issues he has with her and some history and ended with hoping I would apply but that he understood if I didn't.  Ugh!  I'm really not sure what to do.  The thing is that the job for her is probably the only one she can get, although, she would still be employed, just not at the higher rate.  I can probably find a job anywhere since I have more skills than she does.

In other news, I am still dating.  There is one man I have seen three times.  After our first date, we met on line, he kissed me.  He also kissed me after the second date.  That is a bit of a rush for me and I really don't feel anything yet.  Then - date three - I took the risk and went to his house for a cookout.  He didn't even clean his house!  It was just sort of piled everywhere.  He said he hadn't cleaned it so that I could see how he was  - I guess that was sort of an apology?  Anyway, after dinner and a movie, we got back to the kissing again.  I finally indicated that it was time to go home.  We were kissing and I just didn't feel anything.  I'm not sure if I feel like this is a rush or if I am just not attracted to him.  Physically, he doesn't do much for me, but he is smart and funny which is a turn on for me. He was a gentleman and after some more kissing in the driveway I went home.  I have heard from him yet.  Ugh!

Then date number two of the weekend was with a man who is in the army.  We met at a coffee shop and talked about all kinds of things. He has 13 children.  The youngest of which is 1 year old.  I have been wanting to have children, but wow, having 13 in my life, I don't know.  This guy I actually laughed out loud with and at the end of the date, he asked if he could hug me.  I didn't feel rushed or like I was being pushed into anything.  So, I was more attracted to him.  He sent me a note on the dating site saying he was glad to meet me. 

I sure do wish I could find the one and just date him.  Ugh!

Oh, and I got a message on a dd dating site that said "Send pictures".  Now that's attractive, isn't it?  Ugh, isn't dating grand?  By the way, I hope all of you in a relationship will give a huge kiss to the man in your life.  You are lucky women!



  1. Hi Cygnet, its great to hear from you :) Good luck with deciding on the job, it's never an easy decision. Ugh on the dating front, I really hope you find someone you connect with soon.


    1. Thanks, Roz. From you mouth to God's ears. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. You've convinced me! I spent the evening uploading my resume. Tomorrow I'll do the cover letter and answer the questions. Ugh! I hate applying for jobs!

  3. I agree with Blondie. Apply for the job and let fate/Divine Intervention, make the decision. Just because you don't apply doesn't mean this woman is going to automatically get the job by default anyway- who knows who else might apply? Or they may headhunt someone.

    Life is about taking chances and while we are at it, letting go of control. Nothing will ever be perfect, whether we are discussing dating/men/or work. Try to remember that!

    Best of Luck

    1. Hi Willie,

      You and the ENTIRE rest of the world think I should apply for the job and let the chips fall where they may. So, I'm going in! What you say about the woman maybe not getting the job is right. I would rather get it than have someone other than her get it.

      Heard from the kissing guy and he said he didn't feel like I was attracted to him. I texted back that I am a pretty slow goer in these dating situations. I should have been born when courting existed, or something! Anyway, we'll see. Army guy date is this weekend: dinner and a movie!

      You are right about taking risks and I am trying to be braver about things.