Thursday, June 14, 2018

Care to Share

So, I think, maybe I have a boyfriend?  A man friend?  A new friend?  I am so totally new to this, I am not really sure what is happening, so I come here for advice and thoughts and memories.

I am not really feeling attracted to him, but I like him and I enjoy spending time with him...should you feel all lusty right away?  Does it grow?  Is there a certain amount of time that it takes and if you aren't feeling it, you should move on?

He says he is courting me.  He says we aren't going to move any faster than I want to. He lost his wife a year ago and is lonely.  Am I the one?  Everyone says he is like his old self and so happy.  He says I'm responsible for that...

I have never had anyone who wants to court me like that, who I actually like spending time it enough?  Do I wait?  What do I do to make those feelings I should, maybe possibly, be having grow?

We talk almost every night, we text during the day, I look forward to that, but he is not what I expected and he is not who I thought I am attracted to.  He is bald, about 50 pounds over weight (he is working on losing it) and he is getting false teeth and only barely into his 50s.  Am I shallow?  I like him, but I am not sure if I will ever, like, like him...

Not sure how the whole TTWD, Dd thing might go.  I told him something the other day and he said I shouldn't be so submissive in the way I handled it...yeah, pretty much submissive over here...

I am so confused...


  1. Well two schools of thought come to mind. You are listing a whole lot of reasons why you don't connect with him. 1) he really isn't for you or 2) you are scared and are looking for reasons why he isn't for you.

    The difficult thing here is only you can determine which is which.

    Good luck, and for goodness sake continue to enjoy at least the friendship without over thinking it! lol


  2. i totally get it. sometimes i think i should just go with the flow and let the feelings GROW. but at other times i tell myself i know my own heart too well to know that if there is not spark, there is no spark.

    Either way, i hope you find out which is which soon cos i KNOW not knowing can be a real pain in the you know what.